Press Release 24 January 2011

The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss, 1957

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24 January 2011, Fayetteville, AR, USA

In 1954 Dr. Seuss set out to create a primer that would be more appealing to children than Dick and Jane. Three years later The Cat in the Hat was published. “I loved The Cat in the Hat when I was a kid,” explains Tammy Carter Bronson, the author and illustrator of Sea Horse, run! “It was pure fantasy, but my story needed to happen in a real place.”

The coral reef was the perfect setting for the brilliant colors in Mrs. Bronson’s collages. “I do a lot of research for my books,” she says, “but the art requires the most. I always start in the library, but for Sea Horse, run! I also visited seven different aquariums across the country.” Mrs. Bronson uses dry-brush watercolor with some pencil and colored pencil then she cuts and pastes everything together in the computer adding a few special effects.

Seuss limited himself to a 1st grade word list for The Cat in the Hat ultimately using only 236 different words for his story which was 1,623 words in length. “I wanted to limit myself to half as many total words as The Cat in the Hat,” says Mrs. Bronson, “about 800, and in the end I managed an 849 word story with 282 different words.”

Book Cover

SEA HORSE, RUN! Book Cover

But the last thing Mrs. Bronson wanted to do was write a story that would only appeal to 1st grade readers. “I tried to emulate what Dr. Seuss did for The Cat in the Hat, but I wanted Sea Horse, run! to have an environmental flair. I think I’ve created a primer for the 21st century that will be fun for teachers and parents, too.”

Tammy Carter Bronson is the author and illustrator of three picture books: Tiny Snail, The Kaleidonotes & the Mixed-Up Orchestra, and Polliwog. Sea Horse, run! is her fourth book and will be available in bookstores June 1, 2011.

QS? Contact: Matthew Shane Bronson, Publicity Department
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Publication Date



Children’s Picture Book

Ages 3 to 8 years

Sea Horse, run!

32 pages with 21 illustrations




June 1, 2011

Bookaroos Publishing, Inc.


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