Book of the Month at the Dallas World Aquarium Zoo, Eco Currents Newsletter, Winter 2011
“This is a great selection for young children, with outstanding illustrations of sea life throughout.”
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The Old Schoolhouse Magazine (Thursday, August 25, 2011)
“I highly recommend this book for its amazing artwork and educational value. This should be a must-read for every elementary student studying oceanography. You’ll be glad you read this book, especially in preparation for an aquarium visit!”
-Karen Yuen
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PW (Publisher’s Weekly) Monday, July 11, 2011
“…a tender underwater story about valor, false perceptions, and belonging…”
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Kirkus Reviews (May 2011)
“…the pictures are a delight; children will love looking at the vast array of beautifully detailed, softly colored sea creatures that are bestowed with endearingly expressive qualities…A beautiful book…”
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Feathered Quill Book Reviews (Wednesday, May 11, 2011)
“An engaging, and educational, story about friendship and courage.”
-Ellen Feld
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Read the Feathered Quill Interview with the author/illustrator.

ForeWord Reviews (Friday, March 25, 2011)
“SEA HORSE, RUN! is a delightful depiction of underwater life that will educate and bring joy to young readers…Children from three to eight will treasure this book–one to remember among favorites!”
-Mary Popham
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An Editor’s Choice Highlighted Title at… (Friday, February 4, 2011)
“The best children’s books entertain and inform, and Tammy Carter Bronson’s artwork and storytelling do just that, by bringing the coral reef vibrantly to life. Like divers exploring the reef, children will discover rare undersea creatures with magical properties, and learn how they interact and thrive. Written with a blend of mystery and whimsy, Bronson’s story of the brave little sea horse is both charming and educational.”
-Jim Barnes, Editor,

Reader Views Kids (Friday, March 11, 2011)
“In ‘Sea Horse, Run!’ a shark, an eel, and an octopus are telling the sea horse that there is a sea dragon coming.  They tell the sea horse to run.  The sea horse doesn’t want to go because it says that it is protecting the coral.  The sea horse can camouflage itself by turning the same color as the coral, or when it is not by the coral, it is blue like the ocean. My favorite part of ‘Sea Horse, Run!’ is when the sea horse meets the sea dragon.  I liked the part at the end of the book where it shows the pictures of all of the animals of the Australian Coral Reef.  My favorite ones in that picture are the frog fish and the sea turtle.  I also like the map at the end that shows where coral reefs are.”
-Cayden Aures (age 6.5), Austin, TX; Reader Views Kids

VIDEOS: Watch a book trailer of Tammy’s fourth picture book!


Sea Horse, run!


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